4X4 PRIZES for

The University of Oklahoma School of Music announces its second 4x4 Competition for both composers and conductors to take place in Norman, OK February 5-7, 2016.

The contest is open to composers and conductors currently enrolled in a college or university degree program or studying with a recognized professional composer or conductor.

Prizes will be awarded for the most successful orchestral composition and the most artistic conducting of new orchestral music.

The first prize and runner-up compositions will be conducted by, respectively, the first-prize and runner-up conductors in a concert of the OU Symphony on February 7, 2016.

OCTOBER 2, 2015

OCTOBER 30, 2015

FEBRUARY 4-7, 2016

The four finalist composers will be asked to submit performance materials for their works by November 20, 2015.

During the final round, composers are invited to attend the orchestral rehearsals of the four works under the finalist conductors.

Following the second and last orchestral rehearsal on Saturday morning, February 6, 2016, the winner and runner-up compositions will be chosen. The winning composer will receive the $4,000 Michael Hennagin Memorial Prize and the runner-up will receive $1,000. Each will be paired with the winner and runner-up from the conductor competition for performance on the OU Symphony concert on February 7, 2016.

The four conductor finalists will be sent scores of all four compositions by December 11, 2015, and will prepare them for the two orchestral rehearsals of the final round. During these sessions, each conductor will rehearse sections of each work.

Following the second and last orchestral session on Saturday, February 6, 2016, the winning conductors will be chosen. The first-prize winner will receive $4,000 and the runner-up $1,000. The winner and runner-up conductor will be paired with the winner and runner-up of the composition contest. A one-hour orchestral session (one-half hour for each composition and conductor) will take place Sunday, February 7, to enable the conductors to rehearse their works for the concert that day.

  1. Composers should submit compositions of up to 15 minutes in length, written for an orchestra not to exceed 2/2/2/2-4/2/3/1-timpani+2/piano/harp-strings. Scores must be accompanied by MIDI realizations. Composers' names should not appear on entry materials. Performance materials must be supplied by each finalist upon request.

  2. Conductors should submit recent video files, not to exceed 25 minutes, containing concert-level performances with a standard orchestral ensemble. Conductors' names should not appear on the video file.

  3. Only compositions written since January 1, 2009 will be considered.

  4. A PDF of a current transcript indicating the applicant's degree program, or a letter in PDF from the applicant's teacher, must be included with the application.

  5. An entrance fee of $20 is required of all contestants, submitted to

  6. All submissions must be submitted via the online entry form.

  7. The deadline for submissions is October 2, 2015. Finalists will be chosen by October 30, 2015. Performance materials- including scores for the four finalist conductors- must be ready by November 20, 2015. Finalist conductors will receive the four finalist compositions by December 11, 2015.

  8. Finalists will be responsible for travel, accommodations and meals. The University of Oklahoma will provide a list of hotels with reduced rates.
For additional information please contact Jonathan Shames at